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Nanotechnology is here to stay
The use of nanotechnology stretches across many areas of science from electronics to biology and has applications in many product sectors.
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Pun in the Sun
As the summer sun starts to heat up in Seattle , I've been wondering what sort of environmentally sound sunscreen options are out there to protect my pale, pale flesh from certain scorching.
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Always Wear Sunscreen
Always wear sunscreen. How many time have you heard it? The American Academy of Dermatology reaffirms its long-standing position that sunscreen protection is beneficial in preventing painful sunburn, photo aging and skin cancer.
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The Importance of Baby Skin Care
Baby skin care is one of the many concerns that a new mother has to worry about. Having a baby is a special blessing, but most mothers are unsure of what they should do. This is normal, and even second or third time mothers find it difficult to remember what they did with their firstborn.
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Skin Cancer: Questions & Answers
The risk of developing skin cancer is affected by where a person lives. People who live in areas that get high levels of UV radiation from the sun are more likely to get skin cancer. In the United States, for example, skin cancer is more common in Texas than it is in Minnesota, where the sun is not as strong. Worldwide, the highest rates of skin cancer are found in South Africa and Australia, areas that receive high amounts of UV radiation.
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5 Myths About Protecting Yourself from Skin Cancer
We have all heard the warnings about the dangers of sun exposure. We know all about the importance of wearing sunscreen and hats. But are YOU protected from skin cancer? Consider these myths and facts.
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Summer Skin Care Tips
You can surely guess the first step to take in skin care this summer! Yes, use sunscreen! You’ve heard this a thousand times probably. Skin cancer is the biggest danger and besides that, we can avoid those early wrinkles, patches of discoloration, and thick leathery texture.
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Sunburn Left Me In A Wheelchair
Michelle thought she'd covered up enough, but she hadn't counted on the sun's reflection.
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Which Sunscreens are Safest?
Washington, D.C. – Today, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released the first-ever, in-depth analysis of the safety and effectiveness of more than 700 name-brand sunscreens. The new database lists products that offer the best combination of safety and effectiveness.
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How Does Your Sunscreen Stack Up?
Spend lots of time outdoors and, chances are, you you're careful to slather on the sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. But are you really being protected by your sunscreen? A new study shows that in a surprising number of cases the answer is no. But there’s a new tool to help you find out whether yours is one of them.
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UVnatural Rates Four Star by FDA
FDA wants the labeling on your sunscreen to tell you more about protection against the sun's harmful rays.  Under a new regulation, the agency has proposed that sunscreen labeling be expanded to provide a four-star rating system that informs consumers how well the product protects them against "Ultraviolet A" (UVA) light and information on other ways people can limit their risks to dangers posed by overexposure to sunlight.
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Nano Zinc is Acceptable
Consumer Reports 2007 testing of eight sunscreens showed that consumers can be protected from UV radiation using products free of nano-scale ingredients like zinc and titanium.
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FDA Proposes New Rules for Sunscreens
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed Thursday a new rating system for sunscreens that would, for the first time, alert consumers as to how well they block dangerous ultraviolet A (UVA) rays.
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Skin Cancer and Sunscreen
You can probably remember more than one version of that classic 'slip, slop, slap' campaign. And many of us have dutifully followed the message it offers. But how much evidence is there that slopping on sunscreen actually prevents skin cancer?
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